TASK 4: P4, M3, D2 – Carry out a Production role within a Production team.


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As the Sound Technician Kevin worked well with choosing the types of microphones available, an area of improvement is that he could have researched how to connect the types of microphones to the cameras as we had to reshoot a section of the production due to using the wrong microphone and it not being connected properly, Kevin was able to communicate his ideas across well as he was up to a change of plan, he also recognised that his idea would not be unchanged throughout. His creative practical skills could use improvement as he is not that familiar with the editing software’s and it is easy to make a production look unprofessional.

-Megan Worley

Kevin by far played the most important role in the team. Not only did he keep himself limited to what he was supposed to be doing, he contributed a lot in all aspects of the project. Providing a lot of ideas with the story plot, coming up with the script, filming the behind the scenes, being in charge of audio and technicalities, storing files, helping with the editing and a lot more. He was however very strict when it came to his ideas as he wasn’t open to too many changes. He was very confident though, even playing a role in the trailer even when it wasn’t originally planned. He had good knowledge with which right equipment we were supposed to be using so that saved a lot of time; he did also have a few mistakes, which could’ve been avoided and became very inconvenient for the whole production team. Other than that, Kevin played a key role in the team from start to finish.

-John Paglinawan

Kevin was a very good sound producer as he has an extensive knowledge of how to use the software, what songs would be best to use and has a large knowledge of music itself. Something he could improve on is working with the recording equipment and setting it up properly , he could easily improve this by getting a better knowledge on it and practicing with the equipment. Kevin also entirely shot the making off trailer himself and edited to a high standard and made large contributions to editing the trailers.

-Beth Little


Taking in consideration my peers feed back I acknowledge the fact that they believe I was:

  • Decisive
  • Took charge
  • and inspirational (in some words)

and I also acknowledge the critics they had, about my slip up with the microphone on our second day of filming and take full responsibility for that (an attributes i wish was acknowledged by all my peers).

In my opinion (not to sound self indulged) I was the back bone of my group, who seemed to fall apart from the get go. When roles where initially allocated amongst us we spent a good few days waiting for leadership and direction from the person who took the rains as leader of our group. When said person disappointed I had to be concerned for all of us and took charge where I  could. This ment me writing the script, help sculpt the story board, helped chose location, ensured we had actors at the right times and most importantly kept any personal issues between group members aside in order to focus in whats really important, our production. I can admit, (looking at what Meg said) I could have accepted some more ideas, however at the time they where given, we fell behind big time and didn’t have more time to waste, so i took an executive decision that I feel dint cost us but helped us in the end.

I would admit, if given the chance to do this production again after looking over what went wrong and what went right, I would change nothing except making a schedule to be followed strictly to allow for better filming accuracy and editing time.


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