Task 3: P3, M2, D1 – Analysis of skills that enable me to carry out a chosen Media Production

Skills Audit Rating

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 17.11.23

Room for improvement

Looking at my skills audit there are a few skills that have to be improved immensely, if i want to achieve my goal of being a sound editor.

  • Looking at my verbal communication skills, I can improve my team communication skills by getting to know the people I work with on a personal level. working with friends makes things go smoothly and allows for the free flow of good ideas. Also studying people i admire and emulating the good ways they address people would go a long way in improving my communication skills. Also taking certain classes and seminars will allows me to be confident when physically addressing peers or subordinates.
  • Taking a look at my practical skills, i can improve my knowledge of techniques, softwares and technologies by avidly searching through catalogues, blogs and forums which are related to such essentials.
  • Also there is room for improvement in my creative skills when it comes to the use of new equipment and software. By engaging in projects with established editors I would be able to failures my self with such equipment. Also doing independent research on theses thing and deciding which is more important to me, i can embark on studying it for my self and becoming a so called “pro” at it.

My C.V.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 18.16.43



A wise man once said we are a blank slate when we come to the world, and various interactions and circumstances mould and teach us into what we are. In my journey in life I have come across many things I felt I could excel in, but nothing was as certain when it came to editing (sound editing especially). I had tried to enrolee my self in courses and put my self in situations that can enhance my skills in this and they have only made me better, although theirs always room for improvement.

In my opinion an editor needs to be a dedicated, ambitious and creative individual. Taking an in-depth look into all these things I will be able to understand on which levels I need to improve on in the future.

Dedication – this is defined as the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. I would say right now I would rate my dedication to editing a solid 6, though this is my potential path I don’t spend as much time editing as my enthusiasm for is. I could riddle this portion of the report wit various excuses I have for not going out of my way to find different products to edit, but I wont; instead I will highlight the things I can do different to achieve my goal.

  • Put my self out there>> I will spend time helping my peers with projects that involve editing in order to gain and give knowledge that would be valuable in honing my skills.
  • Embarked on solo projects>> doing my own editing challenges like, remaking trailers for a specific genre into another, creating AMV’s (Anima Music Videos) and borrowing peers rushes and trying to develop them into something unique. This also boosts my creativity because I’m taking time to develop an idea of something I would like to represent in my own way.
  • Take time out>> I will make it a challenge to dedicate at least 2hours a week to editing. In my opinion all the things listed above cannot happen without proper time management and usage, a skill I’m not too familiar with. I have employed the help of friends in certain editing tasks I do to give me deadlines I have to follow, in which if its not followed I will have to for fit the work I have don and miss out in a certain reward allocated to me at the end. This teaches me the proper discipline necessary for meeting and exceeding future clients deadlines.
  • Study>> I will endeavour in my own time to talk to tutors who have industry experience in editing, watch YouTube and or other forms of tutorials in order to get current and easy techniques I can use to produce good edited works.

Looking at this essential thing I need to do, I know the road wont be easy, but with the motivation that this is my potential career, I’m optimistic that I can achieve my goals.


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